Tyrtle Beach 2017

We plan to do water activities with folks at Tyrtle Beach. These activities are both fun and educational for all ages. All of our data collected will be included in our annual report to NYS DEC. These activities are free but donations are greatly appreciated. Open this link for more information Poster’17-TB Campaign.


APRIL 21 , 2016

For Earthday 2016 the  SCA (Student Conservation Association)  did  chemical and biological testing at four points on Seneca Lake.  This experience  provided the participant a hands- on experience of doing severtal chemical tests and macroinvertebrate identification.  The data collected will be made public on our website  and sent in to NYSDEC with our annual report.



A Night of Science with Finger Lakes Learning at Corning school



What a great evening (February 24, 2016) sharing our aquatic work with the folks at Gregg school in Corning,NY.!!! Students enjoyed the digital microscopes, doing transparency testing, and water surface tension testing. Prior to the event I collected water from the Chemung River and did several chemical tests.
pH 7.5 slight base
TDS 134 ppm
Hg .oo1 ppm
metals under 10 ppm
CO2 18ppm
nitrate nitrogen 2ppm (concern)
surface tension 27 drops (Gregg student data