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Thank you for considering making a tax deductible donation. 

Your contribution to Finger Lakes Learning helps us guarantee that we can continue our educational efforts.   Every dollar donated goes to support our education programs, growing public data archive, and our Immersion podcast production.

girl-microscopeEngage, Experience, Educate

Your contribution helps us produce new citizen scientists.  We work with various groups and individuals to provide on-the-ground and in-the-field training experiences.  Our participants learn about aquatic ecosystems and how to assess the health of our natural bodies of water.  They learn to examine bio-diversity and formulate valuable conclusions about the health of a river, lake, or stream.  We teach to test for a number of factors in water: everything from turbidity and transparency to pH and various chemical contaminators.  In many situations, the testing procedure may be as simple as using a professional chemical test kit and following the instructions.  Your contribution helps us continue to purchase these test kits and supplies.   Discussions about the quality of our freshwater ecosystems are becoming more frequent everyday.  We think this trend will continue and strongly believe in playing our part to create the next generation of citizen scientists.

students-testYour contribution supports useful public data.  In addition to educating our participants, we educate the public by making our data available on our webpage. Every data point becomes a matter of public record. Water event reports are documented with GPS coordinates, precise times, and collected data points.  We are working toward a not-so-distant day when all of our data will be easy to search, sort, stream, and visualize.

If you have questions about your donation, feel free to reach out to us through our contact page.